Daniele Marinelli’s DTCoin wins big at the online dispute

Against all the “haters” who had criticized it on Google and Facebook, the digital currency designed by Roman entrepreneur Daniele Marinelli redeems itself and successfully responds to criticism. Let’s analyze in more detail the measure of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data in Italy and, in particular, the interesting fight against “fake news” and “hate speech” activities. 

This is not the first time that justice has taken its course, recognizing the right to de-index the personal data of a private citizen. Thanks to this decision, in fact, it is possible to escape the terrible media pillory created on Google to besmirch one’s reputation and professional activity. This is the situation that involved the incensed entrepreneur Daniele Marinelli, who had asked the “Garante della Privacy” (the Italian Privacy Guarantor) to de-index from Google some negative, false and defamatory statements about himself. He has fortunately obtained what he wanted from the Guarantor and has been able to clean up his professional image on the web. But who is Daniele Marinelli? He is an esteemed Roman entrepreneur who a few years ago decided to launch DTCOIN, an innovative and successful complementary currency. Within a very short time, his system based on Big Data started to achieve great success both in Italy and in other countries, immediately provoking the envy of many. This envy has generated slander on the reliability of the company and its founder, who was unfairly painted as a fraud by anonymous authors and even portrayed without consent in the face on well-known social media such as Facebook.

With the help of his lawyer Domenico Bianculli, Daniele Marinelli had therefore first made a request to Google for de-indexing the URLs, which was however refused. Subsequently, therefore, they turned directly to the Guarantor Authority in Italy, which considered the complaint well-founded and ordered Google to remove within twenty days the URLs indicated in the measure. 

The right of the community to be informed about public-relevant facts cannot be a trick for Google every time it receives a request to de-index negative URLs linked to the name and surname of a user. Let’s think about the event that struck Dr. Marinelli: despite the success of DTCOIN (growing every day), the presence on the net of a few URLs (in particular of 3 URLs) has represented a strong obstacle to the growth of this token, only because few – and anonymous – people had decided to offend for free a successful entrepreneur on the web. Like any innovative project, the success of DTCOIN will naturally be decreed by the trust placed in it. And it is precisely on this that the company (and Daniele Marinelli personally) works daily, to create a universe of trustable products and services all over the world.

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